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The SpyGlass Group, Inc.
The SpyGlass Group, Inc.


As a CFO, Controller, or fiscal executive, managing the expense side of your organization’s P&L can be a significant challenge.

With numerous expense line items to consider all with different levels of importance, telecommunications often gets overlooked. Because communications providers don’t provide detailed visibility into your spending, you may even delegate the bill review and approval process to your technology staff trusting they will understand it and make it a higher priority than you do.

But, with backgrounds primarily in network configuration and network management, are IT staff members even properly equipped with the unique skill set and the specialized tools to fiscally audit this cost center? And, given all the hats they wear, is it realistic to think they have much more time than you for the time consuming task of bill dissection?

The evolution of communications technologies such as Voice Over IP (VoIP) further fuels the confusion over proper management of this area. “What kind of ROI can we expect from an investment in new communications technology?” is a question you have either already faced or will face in the near future. The question is, will you need to rely on non-fiscal managers to help create a detailed understanding of the true cost/benefit implications?

SpyGlass has emerged along with the Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) industry to bring clarity to an otherwise zero visibility cost center. Even more importantly, we bridge the gap between you and your technology staff. SpyGlass can ensure the fiscal health of the communications line item of your P&L. In addition, when costly communications upgrades are at issue, SpyGlass can tell you with pinpoint accuracy whether such upgrades are the appropriate avenue for your organization while considering the bottom-line impact first among many other factors.