Challenging the Technology Cost Status Quo

Telecom providers know it’s difficult for you to dedicate the time and resources needed to decipher lengthy and complicated technology service bills. SpyGlass is here to help.

Across voice, data, Internet, cloud services and mobility, SpyGlass challenges the status quo of billing mistakes, overcharges and inefficiencies. Our highly-personalized technology cost audits educate and empower you with innovative, industry-specific insight and valuable cost saving recommendations.

Our robust technology expense audits are known for finding errors and inefficiencies in 90% of engagements.

Let us show you how we do it.


Personalized Technology Audits, Surprising Savings

Telecom Expense Management

We’re a Technology Cost Audit Firm — NOT a Telecom Provider

We work exclusively for you to decipher billing systems designed by the providers to maximize revenue at your expense. Our technology expense management audits provide answers for surprising savings — and we only get paid when we succeed.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Telecommunications Audit

We Work Behind the Scenes to Reduce Your Telecom Expenses

Our technology cost audit is all about you — not about taking up your time. After learning about your needs, most of our cost recovery and reduction work is completed in coordination with your providers.

We do all the heavy lifting, without added stress and responsibility for you.

Technology Expense Management Experts at Your Service

Your IT staff is talented, but they’re also busy keeping your systems running and on the cutting edge. Our technology expense auditing team uncover where your telecom providers are not taking care of you.

Very simply, our personalized technology audits deliver surprising savings.

Empowering with Industry-Specific Insight


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They’re Talking About Us

“Don’t overestimate your ability to stay on top of telecommunications bills and spending. SpyGlass offered us the clarity we needed on the issues and helped us partner with IT’s efforts moving forward.”

James Haller, Senior Vice President, CFOHealthCare Partners, IPA, Long Island, New York

“They do the work and we get the benefit. What’s not to like about that?”

Lauren Wobby, Chief Financial OfficerNorwich University, Burlington, Vermont

“We gained a ton of legacy telecom spend from acquiring global businesses. SpyGlass surprised me by finding dormant lines connecting all over the world — resulting in $10,000 a month in savings.”

Roman Telerman, CPA, VP of FinanceMRI Software, Beachwood, Ohio