Telecom Expense Management

We're a Telecom Consulting Firm, NOT a Telecom Provider

We’re a lot of great things, but let’s make this clear: We are NOT AT&T, Verizon, Spectrum or any other service provider. We work exclusively for our clients. Providers have designed their billing systems to maximize revenue at your expense. Our expense management solutions will stop them – and we only get paid when we succeed. You’ve got nothing to lose (except more money to the providers).

Telecommunications Audit

We Work Behind The Scenes To Reduce Your Telecom Bills

We meet with you at the beginning and at the end of the telecom bill audit process. But most of our cost recovery work is done in coordination with your providers. There's no added stress or responsibility for you. More questions about the process?

Telecom Consultants

Telecom Expense Management Experts At Your Service

Your IT staff is talented, but they’re also busy keeping your systems up and running. Our telecom auditing team will analyze your bills, contracts, customer service records, and all other relevant information for all instances where your providers are not taking care of you. Simply enough, our TEM experts will save you money.

"SpyGlass was able to obtain significant reimbursement from our local telecommunications carrier for lines that were ordered to be disconnected and were not. The savings for Acton Medical that your firm identified were significant."

Steven Stolts
Acton Medical Associates

"I’d recommend SpyGlass to any CFO looking to gain some clarity and savings into their communications line item of their P&L"

Tom Holmes
CFO Schaeffer’s Investment Research