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Impact of culture on new employees

SpyGlass hits a total home run with their work culture for their employees. If you’re looking to start a sales career, or even looking for a new and fresh opportunity Spyglass is absolutely the place for you. We have an energetic, fun filled work environment with learning and growth being the cornerstones of our development process.

How to engage millennials in your corporate culture

Millennials. This word has become quite the hot button topic over the last several years; every management team in America has likely Googled what to do with us as employees because we allegedly look for – if not demand – a completely new and different approach from our leaders. As the Talent Acquisition Manager here at SpyGlass, as well as being a Millennial myself, I have spent the last several months considering the topic of “corporate culture” and what it really means when you apply it to an organization.

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