3 Reasons Why Millenials Will Enjoy the Company Culture at SpyGlass

I came across this article and felt that it was important to share because SpyGlass completely embodies the three main points that it presents:

  1. Connect with your team
  2. Train for development
  3. Strive for what matters

Helping Montgomery County Significantly Cut Expenses

We are very proud of the SpyGlass team that helped Montgomery County significantly cut expenses. Our process works in any industry with any size spending. Congratulations to the team. Contact to discuss performing an audit for your organization

How Will Mobile Usage Trends for 2020 Affect Your Organization?

References/Links: http://www.ericsson.com/res/docs/2015/ericsson-mobility-report-june-2015.pdf
You know mobile usage is growing. What you don’t know is how much it will grow by 2020, and how this trend could impact your organization’s telecom spending.