3 Reasons Why Millenials Will Enjoy the Company Culture at SpyGlass

I came across this article and felt that it was important to share because SpyGlass completely embodies the three main points that it presents:

  1. Connect with your team
  2. Train for development
  3. Strive for what matters

Our company believes that teams are a critical component to both our success and an organization, as well as the success our individual employees see; that is why everyone who works here is part of a team and will work towards common goals together every day.

Going right alongside that is our continuous learning model. We work in an open environment where people are able to be seen and heard all day with the idea that we will learn and develop our skills at a faster pace.

Finally, striving for what matters is literally the foundation of our business model in that we recover and reduce operating cost for our clients and this allows them to reinvest in their employees and business in their own ways. For these reasons and many more, I feel proud to be a part of SpyGlass and to be able to recruit for the future of our organization!

Read the full article here: https://talentculture.com/creating-company-culture-irresistible-to-millennials/