Room for Growth at SpyGlass

Nobody wants to get trapped in a position with no opportunity for improvement or promotion. Room for growth within a company is a major factor for most young professionals, and understandably so. Jumping from one business to another just to move up the proverbial corporate ladder can be exhausting. A successful company with opportunities for advancement is much more intriguing for driven individuals.

At SpyGlass, we recognize the value of having driven employees work their way up the ranks. Our founders turned a two-person consulting company into the largest telecom audit firm in the country with a team of developed talent. Here’s how we help you grow into new roles at our company.

Close up of business handshake in the office

SpyGlass Hires from Within

After years of success, we’ve found that the best candidates for outside sales and other positions are already working at our company. We’re a highly specialized cost-consulting firm, so we like to hire people with experience in our industry and have proven to be successful candidates. That’s why we look inward for deserving candidates who can continue to grow our company.

SpyGlass Rewards Results

Another advantage of working at SpyGlass is that your work dictates when you get promoted. Some companies base promotion decisions on tenure. However, that can end up punishing hard-working employees for simply not being as old or not being hired as early as other workers. We base our decisions on numbers. If you’re outperforming someone who’s been at SpyGlass a year longer than you, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Grow Your Career at SpyGlass

SpyGlass is a growing company, so we’re always looking for competitive, driven people who can help our potential clients save money. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and work to the top, SpyGlass might be for you. Check out our current job openings and apply today!