How Spyglass Gives New Employees the Experience They Crave

Experience is invaluable. Of course, there’s no way to get experience without actually being in the so-called trenches, so many young professionals get stuck in less-than ideal jobs in order to build up a resume.

SpyGlass doesn’t make you work that way. We develop our young professionals early and give them real opportunities to perform meaningful work. That’s part of the reason that we’re the leader in the telecom audit industry. Here’s why young sales professionals get the experience they crave at SpyGlass.

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Deal with Decision Makers

The idea of cold calls may send shivers down the spines of some people, but sales professionals know that these calls can lead to big results. SpyGlass believes that one-one-one interaction with our clients and prospective clients creates the best experience for both entities. SpyGlass employees do more than just make cold calls; they contact decision makers and provide them with analysis that can benefit their bottom line.

The best way to gain experience working with fiscal executives is to talk with them. Some businesses may hold you back until they deem you “ready” to talk to CFOs and other power players, but we work with you to prepare for conservations with real industry decision makers. These calls will help you develop your sales skills, gain an understanding of business structures and functions, and make you as comfortable as possible for future calls. That’s all crucial experience that can pay dividends in the future.

Get the Real Sales Experience with SpyGlass

Not all job experience is created equal. SpyGlass gives you valuable work experiences that will help you develop your skills and grow your role. If you’re looking for a place where you can learn and grow, check out our career openings and apply to work at SpyGlass today.