How SpyGlass Positions Employees for Success Through Continual Training

SpyGlass is growing, and we need good people to join our sales and operations teams. As one of the largest companies in the telecom audit industry, we’re always looking to add talented, dedicated people that will make an impact and develop along with our business.

Just because SpyGlass is growing doesn’t mean that we don’t have time to get new employees prepared for their new career. We hire smart people, but even the brightest among us benefit from continual professional development.

Prepare for Success

New employees can get lost in the shuffle at big companies. We don’t let that happen. Proper training takes time, so we consider the full first year of employment to be part of our entry-level training program, in addition to a formal two-week training period.

It’s easy for new employees to feel unprepared and overwhelmed at a big business. We put our new hires in a position to get the information and help they need to contribute by grouping them with other new hires. We use sales training methods like role playing and scripting to help you hone your craft for when the time comes.

This process is more than just memorizing a script. Our team works with you on different objections or questions you may hear so that you can learn the best ways to handle different situations. We group new employees together so that they can develop a sense of camaraderie and grow under the guidance of senior members of our company. Thanks to our open and welcome culture, our new employees can ask for help or have down-to-earth conversations with everyone in our company, including management and ownership.

Great Opportunities for Young Professionals

We want all of our new employees to succeed. That’s why we place such an emphasis on giving new hires the training they need to be ready to work with fiscal executives and other power players.

At SpyGlass, we work hard, play hard, and get results. With our training program, you can too. Apply to join the SpyGlass team today!