Telecom vs Traditional Utilities

Why Telecom is Not Your Usual Utility

Many CFO’s and financial executives consider telecommunications as a utility; similar to natural gas and electricity largely because telecom is regulated in a similar manner. Telecommunications, however, differ from traditional utilities in the way they are billed and because there are nuances in the services that make them a hotbed for waste and inefficiency.

In the traditional natural gas and electricity world, it’s not really possible to buy more electricity or gas than you actually need. In telecom, it happens all the time. A thorough telecommunications audit is similar to an energy audit that identifies inefficient machinery, lighting and other practices that can help reduce costs. Telecom audits uncover unused lines, circuits and services that are part of your monthly invoice, but lie dormant and carry monthly fees.

As much as telecom billing differs from traditional utilities, they are also similar due to the usage-based nature of the services. Just because you or your IT staff have negotiated fixed rates for your usage based components, doesn’t mean those rates are the most competitive. SpyGlass literally performs hundreds of audits every month across all 50 states and Canada so we possess unique knowledge about pricing, tariffs and contractual practices in every market. Access to this information makes sure your business is paying the most competitive rates and is not paying for services you don’t use.

Only Pay for What You Use

Unfortunately, your telecommunications provider isn’t going to point out that you’re paying for an unused or inefficient service. That’s what telecom utilities expense management is for. SpyGlass looks into your company’s telecom bills to see if you’re getting charged for telecom services that you never use or aren’t worth what you’re being charged for.

Let SpyGlass take a look at your telecom bills and see if you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for.

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