What is Telecom?

In a recently completed survey of our clients, SpyGlass found that 40% of respondents cited the need for pricing, contract and carrier information as a significant need for their businesses. Whether wireless or land lines, Internet or cloud services, access to information on current pricing and carrier option trends ranked very high.

Why Your Business Needs Telecom Expense Management

Telecommunication audit and TEM businesses such as SpyGlass are a valuable resource able to provide independent unbiased information to our clients. We literally perform hundreds of audits each month from coast to coast so we have a unique view in to carrier and pricing trends for all telecommunication services. In addition, complexity of carrier billing difficulty in obtaining accurate inventories of services make telecom a cost center that is very difficult for clients to analyze and take action on cost saving measures.

At SpyGlass, we provide telecom audit services that provide real cost savings guidance and help our clients save an average of 24% on their telecom services including local, long distance, data, Internet and wireless services. Our staff of over 130 experts work with your staff to identify and implement recommendations that result in immediate savings for your organization. Contact us today to talk with one of our experts about telecom expense management and the importance of your information.