Why SpyGlass Employees Feel at Home

Work doesn’t need to be a stressful, uninviting place. The average American spends up to a third of their life at work, so you don’t want to get stuck spending eight-plus hours a day at a place you loathe. That’s why it’s critical to find a place where you can be happy doing meaningful work that makes a difference.

A good, healthy work environment is an important part of the SpyGlass culture. We’re a competitive, team-oriented telecom audit company that’s been named one of the top workplaces in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Here are some of the ways we help our employees feel comfortable at work.

Work with Your Team

When you’re hired as a sales representative at SpyGlass, you don’t get dropped off to figure everything out by yourself. You get placed on a team with your peers so that you can go to each other for help. Each team has a leader to help guide everyone and make sure that team quotas and personal quotas are reached. This makes sure that everyone is invested in each other so that you can work together to grow.

Company Events

All work and no play is no recipe for success. We’ve developed a fun, energetic atmosphere where people can work hard and play hard. We hold several company activities outside of work, including happy hours, golf outings, and other ways to build a tight-knit working community.

Interactive Owners and Management

Some companies have a management team that never interact with their employees. Nobody is too big at SpyGlass. Our owners and other high-level executives get to know new hires through founder’s lunches and other events. New sales executives shouldn’t be afraid to have down-to-earth conversations with their bosses and we strive to keep an open environment where everyone can interact with each other.

Work at SpyGlass

You don’t want just any job. You want a career that you can enjoy. SpyGlass offers a fun, team-oriented environment where you will be prepared to take big steps in your career. If you’re looking for an exciting business-to-business sales opportunity, apply to SpyGlass today.