How to Tap Into Your Personal COVID Era Telecom Savings Voice

Get Back Wasted Time & Strengthen Your Technology Expense Voice

Time is precious, and even more valuable when waiting on hold for a telecom provider to answer technology service questions. While customer satisfaction is generally not something the telecommunications industry is known for, it’s becoming increasingly important as customer expectations are rising due to the pandemic’s paradigm shift.

Get Inside Insight: How to Tame Telecom Costs in COVID Era Times

Texas-Sized Telecom Bills? Top 3 Tips Help Tame Costs

Everything is bigger in Texas and this couldn’t be truer for the City of Johnson County’s technology network service bills. Yet, with the tall order of providing comprehensive service to all county departments and protecting the interests of its taxpayers, purchasing agent Ralph McBroom, CPM admits reviewing telecom costs was often put on the back burner.

CSBA Member Shares How to Ahorrar in the Corona Era

A CSBA Telecom Expense Savings Story: Step-by-Step

The word expectation is synonymous with hope, but the corona era has California’s educators anxious about the future. With the reality of distance learning challenges, tighter budgets and deferred paybacks, securing financial stability seems far from certain.

Secure 4 Steps for Proactive Tech Cost Control

Technology Expense Shifts Demand Steps for Oversight

It’s been said “the only constant in life is change.” For the IT professional managing technology expenses, this statement couldn’t be truer.

From voice, internet and mobility expenses, the struggle to gain control of telecom costs is real. And this reality has intensified as the coronavirus era calls for constant adaptability due to shifts in the cloud, unexpected shadow IT and remote worker demands.

How to Cut Tech Expenses: Our (Video) Show & (Client) Tell

Telecom Cost Facts: 3 Ways Landlines Increase Expenses

Managing an 85 square-mile school district serving more than 6,200 students can present endless challenges — especially in the coronavirus era of distance learning. But for Yorkville Community Unit School District’s Executive Director of Finance & Operations Mindy Bradford, she never thought one of those challenges would be added costs from the school’s telephone landlines.

How to Organize & Thrive: Expand Your Technology Expense Expertise

Take Inventory of Technology Costs for Education Success

Organization is the key to successful education for both teachers and their students. Yet distance learning has redefined how each day is structured, with devices and connectivity essential lifelines for today’s new normal.

As educators create fresh organizational systems for positive and engaging lessons from a far, another inventory will also now need attention: the technology expense accounts required to shape student learning.

Keep Your Technology Expenses in Top Shape

How Our Industry-Leading Solutions Boost Your Technology Expense Health

Just like reaching your ultimate diet goal, cutting the fat from your technology expenses can be empowering. To keep telecom spend on the healthy track after a cost-savings SpyGlass SnapShot Audit, SpyCare customers are given the focus to proactively prevent future technology expenses from getting out of shape.