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Why ePro+ ?

Business-related energy costs are one of the top expenses faced by organizations and rising energy prices increase these costs and narrow profit margins across every industry. As energy costs and inflation continue to climb, organizations need a trusted advisor more than ever. The bottom line: Volatile energy markets shine a light on the need to plan for the future.

Known for our industry-leading technology expense management solutions, SpyGlass now offers ePro+ to our 13,000+ customers. As an exclusive energy management service, ePro+ helps monitor, analyze, and control spending by using leading market intelligence for comprehensive, long-term solutions.

What is ePro+ ?

ePro+ was built to provide energy cost clarity for businesses across all industries — in both deregulated and regulated states. Through leading market intelligence, ePro+ optimizes the best ongoing insight into suppliers, terms, and pricing for clients in deregulated markets. As an advantage, we deliver proactive efficiency and energy-related services for all clients — regardless of their state’s energy status. 

With the same SpyGlass dedication used to challenge the technology cost status quo, ePro+ goes beyond retail supply recommendations. In addition to optimizing the best suppliers, terms, and pricing, ePro+ provides active management to customize energy management solutions. The plus? Comprehensive, ongoing guidance throughout all energy services to proactively position your future needs and avoid surprises.

The ePro+ Comprehensive Quadrant Advantage

Led by expert industry insight, ePro+ is your comprehensive resource for reduced energy costs, greater efficiency, and reducing the risks energy consumption has on your profitability.

The ePro+ Process

With an assembled network of vetted energy suppliers, contractors, installers, and analysts led by industry veterans, the SpyGlass ePro+ energy management service makes a difference on day one.

Ready to reduce energy costs and optimize for the future?

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Regulated vs Deregulated Energy:
How We Got Here

After a massive blackout in 1965 broadly affected the northeastern U.S., leaving 30 million people without electricity for 13 hours, the National Electric Reliability Council (NERC) was created to prevent future blackouts. When NERC divided the U.S. electricity grid into 10 regions, each region was managed separately to improve reliability — leading to a single company in charge of each region, creating monopolies and rising costs.

From the 1970s through the early 2000s, several national energy policies, orders, and acts helped pave the way for energy deregulation within the U.S. Since 2005, energy deregulation has driven hundreds of billions of dollars to the bottom lines of commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

Is your state’s energy deregulated?

By 2012, energy deregulation had reached close to two dozen states in some capacity. Today, 26 U.S. states offer retail energy provider choices. Depending on the state, deregulation applies to electricity, natural gas, or both services.

ePro+ is your inclusive resource for energy cost clarity. In both deregulated and regulated states, our leading market intelligence offers retail supply solutions, in addition to implementing overall efficiency low-cost or not cost efficiency measures with energy programs that lower costs while mitigating risks.