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The company’s Technology Expense Insights Index offers key analytics and best practices to help organizations control increasing tech and telecom costs.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, December 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ —

SpyGlass, one of the technology expense management (TEM) industry’s leading service providers, has released its 2024 exclusive white paper that analyzes technology and telecom cost-savings opportunities for various industries: City and county government, education, financial services, healthcare, and nonprofit. The white paper titled “State of Technology Service Expenses: Where Your Industry Stands” presents the most recent findings from the SpyGlass technology service expense database.  

Unlike any other, the SpyGlass Technology Expense Insights Index offers industry-best practices to empower the technology services budget. The report breaks down industry benchmarks for annual expense data, recommendations, and best practices compiled from over 14,000 SpyGlass clients.

The free white paper can be found and downloaded here: DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Here are a few key TEM takeaways:

Cloud Services: Many industries rely on heavy amounts of data storage for cloud-based services. SpyGlass pricing benchmarks guide the what and why of the cloud market for optimal service savings.

• Grant Money Savings and Reallocation: Technology investments are not one-time expenses. While grant funding within the Education industry pays for the hardware, it doesn’t always pay for technology services. SpyGlass identifies the average use of each device to optimize our education clients’ plan structure before service costs hit the budget.

• Data Networks: SpyGlass industry benchmarking detects configuration anomalies in telecommunications data supporting not only savings but also optimal plans for the security of users, devices, and personal information. In addition, industry analytics support the issues of connecting locations and shared data paramount for various industries.

• Zoom and Video Conferencing Services: Driven by the demand for distance learning and remote work, video is now one of the world’s most important communication tools. But lost time and productivity from disruptions caused by inadequate technology services can be expensive. The report shows how SpyGlass leverages video conferencing volume to better fit the client’s service and price needs.

“While technology costs vary with activity, the number of licenses, and volume, they are rarely questioned…if ever,” said Ed DeAngelo, Co-founder and Co-president of SpyGlass. “Through tools such as our exclusive white paper insights and our industry-specific case studies, we aim to provide organizations with the clarity they need to understand where their tech dollars are going — and ways they can cut costs and save.”

“As organizations seek to find the tools to manage technology expenses amid current inflationary pressures and an uncertain economic outlook, it’s critical to forecast costs and future needs,” said Brad Clark, Co-founder and Co-president of SpyGlass. “We hope our white paper with the most recent data helps executives benchmark against their peers while providing them with useful cost-savings strategies they can implement as soon as today.”

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