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With more than 80% of companies prioritizing sustainability investments, understanding your state’s energy market structure — deregulated or regulated — is not just about cost efficiency, but also about aligning your business with a growing trend. As energy crises continue due to factors including record-high and fluctuating prices and fuel shortages, understanding this distinction is even more crucial.

In today’s complex energy landscape, ePro+ helps organizations in both deregulated and regulated states navigate both market types, unlocking significant cost savings, propelling your sustainability goals, and driving overall success.

Deregulated Markets: Choice, Flexibility, and Savings for Businesses

President Jimmy Carter created deregulated markets to foster competition that would result in lower energy prices and foster innovation. In these markets, businesses and consumers have the freedom to choose their energy supplier, potentially leading to more competitive rates and customized solutions.

Today, 26 U.S. states offer retail energy provider choices, albeit with varying degrees of deregulation. Depending on the state, deregulation applies to electricity, natural gas, or both services. Through leading market intelligence, ePro+ optimizes the best ongoing insight into suppliers, terms, and pricing for clients in deregulated markets.

“The ePro+ team is professional, so energy costs are one less thing to worry about,” shared ePro+ client Gaurav Aggarwal, Managing Partner, DV & GR Enterprises, a Quick Service Restaurant Chain organization in Northeast Ohio. “Whether you are small or big, and especially if you are growing, I think the sooner you take benefit of it, the better it is you have these advocates taking care of your energy costs”

Regulated Markets: Stability and Certainty from Compliance, Limitations

Conversely, in regulated states, a single utility company typically controls the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. State regulatory commissions keep an eye on prices and operations to ensure reliability and fairness.

While stable pricing offers budgeting ease, less flexibility exists for negotiating rates or switching providers. To assist with these limitations, ePro+ delivers proactive efficiency and energy-related service solutions regardless of a state’s energy status. 

“We’re committed to constant collaboration with our clients with industry-leading education to reduce and control energy-related expenses,” explains Bretton DeNomme, Certified Energy Procurement (CEP) professional and resident ePro+ expert.

Why You Need Deregulated AND Regulated Guidance

Deregulated energy markets fuel competition, creating cost savings, flexibility, and business innovation. The ability to choose providers unlocks customized strategies that enhance operational efficiency and sustainability.

Through leading market intelligence, ePro+ optimizes the best ongoing insight into suppliers, terms, and pricing for clients in deregulated markets. We navigate deregulated markets for you, benefiting your business in many ways including:

  • Cost Savings: Competitive shopping offers potential cost savings, but expertise is crucial to securing the best contracts. We have the experience to find the best contract for you.

ePro+ goes beyond retail supply recommendations. Our team of energy experts challenge the two drivers of energy bills: the rate per unit, and the number of units used in a period, explains Certified Energy Procurement (CEP) professional and resident ePro+ expert Bretton DeNomme.

“We triage and attack the thing that needs to be handled first,” states DeNomme. “A majority of the time, this means handling the rate per unit first. If you try to calculate the payback on an efficiency endeavor before determining the rate per unit, you will be doing voodoo math as opposed to providing real numbers.”

  • Flexibility: Deregulated markets offer flexibility to choose energy plans tailored to your usage and sustainability goals, which is crucial during crises for adapting to market changes. However, traditional brokers might lock you into contracts, missing better deals in the future. ePro+ acts as your full-time energy strategist, using market intelligence to secure optimal solutions proactively that can be adjusted as the market changes.
  • Innovation: Competition fuels innovation in solutions like renewables and efficiency programs. Businesses may have access to more cutting-edge technologies and services. ePro+ experts not only provide a wide range of solutions that consider the most innovative solutions available but also the best recommendations based on our vast market experience — energy advice that goes beyond retail supply recommendations.

In comparison, regulated markets may offer budget predictability but limited competition can lead to higher rates and fewer innovative solutions. ePro+ helps you overcome regulated market challenges by:

  • Maximizing Incentives: Businesses must navigate a complex regulatory landscape, adhering to state and federal regulations. Despite these challenges, regulated markets often offer incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, presenting opportunities for financial and environmental gains. We know how to maximize the incentives offered in your state.
  • Complying Efficiently: We help you comply efficiently, streamlining regulatory adherence and saving you time and resources. Our experts know how to secure financial and environmental gains through efficiency and renewable energy programs.
  • Evaluating Infrastructure Investments: Utilities in regulated markets make significant investments in energy infrastructure using money from regulated rates. This leads to improved reliability and service quality for businesses. However, the financial burden of these investments is passed on to consumers, necessitating a careful evaluation of the long-term cost implications versus the benefits of enhanced infrastructure.

Strategic Solutions for Energy Efficiency

As rising energy prices increase energy costs, profit margins are narrowing across every industry. ePro+ stands at the forefront of energy management, offering unparalleled expertise and solutions in both deregulated and regulated markets. Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Expert Guidance: Navigating the complexities of deregulated energy markets can be daunting. ePro+ offers industry-leading advice, helping you understand your options and make informed decisions that align with your financial and environmental goals.
  • Comprehensive Energy Audits: We begin with a thorough assessment of your energy usage, identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for cost savings. This audit is crucial for businesses in any market to optimize energy consumption and reduce expenses.
  • Strategic Energy Solutions: Whether you’re in a deregulated or regulated state, ePro+ provides strategic solutions tailored to your business’s needs. From negotiating contracts to implementing energy efficiency projects, our team ensures you’re positioned for success.
  • Crisis Preparedness: In the face of an energy crisis, being prepared is paramount. ePro+ helps you develop a robust energy management strategy that includes contingency planning, risk management, and sustainable practices to mitigate the impact of rising costs and supply disruptions.

Navigate with Confidence, Embrace a Sustainable Future

The evolving energy landscape, with its mix of deregulated and regulated markets, presents complex challenges and exciting opportunities. ePro+ empowers you to navigate both scenarios confidently, equipping you with the insights and strategies needed to manage energy costs effectively, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future. Transform your energy management strategy and enter a future of optimized costs, mitigated risks, and sustainable practices.

Contact an ePro+ Management Service expert today to reduce energy costs,optimize the future, and thrive in any market.