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Technology Expense SnapShot Audit Answers

What does your SnapShot Audit find?

Our comprehensive technology expense SnapShot Audit retroactively identifies billing mistakes and errors to deliver overspent funds back to you in the form of check or credit. Our technology expense audit experts can also identify dormant or underused services. In addition, we help you navigate future technology expense management through market analysis, volume leveraging, consolidation, rate improvement and more.

Who is the best person or department in my organization to talk with to get started?

We work primarily with fiscal executives because we aren’t looking to change your technology landscape. And, with everything your IT staff is responsible for, when are they going to find time to do an in-depth analysis of tax and tariff codes, fees and surcharges, usage analysis and contract compliance?

SpyGlass is here to help both the fiscal executive and IT staff. We operate from a purely fiscal perspective by simply focusing on moving more money to your bottom line. While the IT staff may be involved, it’s essential we work with the fiscal executive for the fastest, guaranteed ROI.

Who have you worked with in my industry?

A wide variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada trust our dedicated technology expense consultants to uncover personalized cost-saving solutions. We have over 13,000 clients and chances are we’ve done work for some of your industry peers. Take it from the clients we serve — a personalized technology cost audit can benefit you.



Who implements your savings recommendations?

We do! SpyGlass takes care of any technology expense changes you want us to handle. Our department of implementation experts are also very experienced at working with telecom providers to make sure you’re taken care of — eliminating the need for you to spend any time on the phone with your provider.

Submitting Documents

What materials do I need to submit to get started?

To learn more about the required materials we need to help you start saving money on your technology expenses, visit our Begin Your Audit page.

How do we get the materials to you? Can we send them electronically?

You can upload to our file sharing website, which will be set up for you by our sales team.

Fee Structure

How does your fee structure work?

Our fee structure is 100% success-based with a fast, guaranteed ROI for our clients. In all cases, there is no obligation to move forward with any of our recommendations. If we don’t find a way to save you money or you don’t want to move forward with our recommendations, you won’t pay us.

Can’t my telecom provider sales rep clean up my bills for free?

Very simply, this is like having the fox watch the hen house. Your provider sales rep has NO financial incentive to help you clean up your bills. Lowering the amount of your bill actually lowers the sales commission they get paid related to your account. On the flip side, we ONLY get paid if we save you money.

Repeat Audits

Will we need another audit in the future?

Business is fluid, as is the telecom industry — especially as the telecommunications network landscape continues to evolve. With this in mind, it makes sense to have a technology expense audit performed again over a period of time.

While many repeat clients use our success-based SnapShot Audit fee structure, several of them take advantage of our technology cost control program SpyCare™ to help ensure they don’t overspend in the future.

Have more questions?

We have the answers.

They found situations where the contracts with our telecom provider had expired, but our prices were automatically rising—in addition to billing us for lines we weren’t utilizing. SpyGlass’ expertise and follow-up saved us about $90,000.

Ralph McBroom

Purchasing, City of Johnson City

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