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Welcome back to SpyGlass’ Technology Audit Insider — your trusted resource for challenging the technology cost status quo with industry-leading trends, insights and tips.

In this issue we’re tackling a topic that’s turning the power of your tech service expense dollar upside down: inflation.

Jumping 8.5% over the past year, the increase reported by the Labor Department is the sharpest spike since December 1981 and is likely an omen of even higher prices to come. But as costs continue to increase, your company knows it’s essential to keep investing in the new breed of technologies such as 5G, cloud and SaaS to stay ahead of the digital curve for business success.

With telco costs and their budgeting challenges growing along with inflation’s erosion of your purchasing power, SpyGlass SnapShot Audit experts share top tips to protect your tech service dollar’s value.

Top Inflation Tip #1: See the Big Telco Expense Picture

Technology service expense bills are notorious for being complicated. And with increased demand for technology and communications infrastructure services, your telco bill picture becomes even more complex.

As the telecommunications network landscape has evolved to include voice, data, internet, cloud and mobility, a technology expense management (TEM) audit for clarity has never been more important in a tech era hit by inflation.

From usage to spend, a SpyGlass SnapShot Audit helps you understand and optimize your technology environment by:

  • Building real-time IT inventory
  • Gathering bills and identifying overcharges
  • Searching for technology contract violations
  • Optimizing your telecom environment for savings
  • Negotiating with technology service vendors for improved contracts

Top Inflation Tip #2: Get Advice that Pays

With your dollar not going as far as it used to, you need tech service savings advice you can count on. SpyGlass TEM specialists — with over 500 years combined experience — pair our proprietary technology spend analytics and sophisticated software with hands-on analysis to help each of our clients find personalized, reliable savings opportunities.

Through a personalized SnapShot Audit, our team of audit and project management experts use an efficient and proven TEM process including proprietary software that provides audit savings opportunities in 99% of all engagements. The SpyGlass process drives optimization of your technology service expenses, keeps audit projects on track for efficient completion, and utilizes industry benchmarking from our insights database to show how you’re doing with tech service costs compared to your peers.

From our kickoff meeting through the completion of implementing savings opportunities, SpyGlass provides each client live updates through a personalized portal to track project and savings progress. Real-time advice for real effective tech service savings you can rely on.

Top Inflation Tip #3: Keep Questioning Telco Costs

Just like gas for your car, you may not want to spend your budget on telecom and communications services — but you need to. And as gas prices increase, your telecom bills will probably see some surges.

While you can’t challenge your price at the pump, you should keep questioning your telecom bills. The fact your business needs, provider plans, pricing, technology and promotions change on a regular basis always presents opportunities to save. Even after saving from a SnapShot Audit, it’s smart to ask how you can keep telecom and technology costs from getting out of control.

To get ongoing answers, we offer SpyCare™ — our exclusive technology expense management (TEM) solution for the middle market that combines cloud software, access to our experts and help desk, valuable market data and annual optimization in a single managed service. Easy to implement, SpyCare™ clients can start preventing overspend in month one, instead of months or years.

By giving you the necessary tools for efficient, proactive technology expense decision to protect initial TEM savings, SpyCare™ secures ongoing funds for your bottom line — a reliable inflation buster that helps everyone, in every industry.