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The importance of technology and telecom services has taken center stage for the construction industry.

From the growing reliance on technology including the Internet of Things (IoT) for robust connectivity in new places and 5G networks to empower remote inspection, monitoring and employee safety, telecom is at the heart of digitization required to do business in new ways. Through highly-personalized SnapShot Audit recommendations, SpyGlass makes saving on technology and communications services a priority for an industry constantly changing and adapting to the economic climate for sustainable growth.

Working with SpyGlass opened our eyes to how much we can save by making a few changes. Over $12,000 annual savings is huge for us because it goes directly to the bottom line. For the construction industry, effects of the COVID recession are delayed — these savings make sure our financials are as good as they can be for 2021.

Tim Long

Controller, Lawson Mechanical Contractors

Initially, I didn’t expect a major telecom provider would have anything remotely off contract. We had no management of our technology expenses other than to pit one supplier against the other when contracts expired. Working with SpyGlass was a painless and relatively quick process that led to head-spinning findings — we got back almost $10,000 even after fees.

Ian Hogg

President & CEO , Vinyltek

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