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The reliance on digital technology has become a predominant focus for the healthcare industry.

Services such as patient check-in, in-facility navigation, telehealth and patient monitoring all have one component in common: the need for technology and communications services for the best outcomes. As the healthcare industry landscape continues to shift in the post-COVID era and technology service costs become an increasing variable, SpyGlass provides the telecom spend guidance needed to grow the bottom line. Through highly-personalized technology cost SnapShot Audits, SpyGlass guides healthcare organizations throughout the U.S. with industry-specific insight resulting in savings that benefit the primary focus — patient care.

Everyone was curious to see what the results would be. SpyGlass is really on top of their game and gave us a streamlined understanding of telecom and savings that helps the mission indirectly. Any savings that are found is found money.

John Rutigliano

CFO, CancerCare

We have over 250 employees and serve over 8 million people. I’m busy in my role and really have no time to get into the weeds on the telecommunications spend issues. SpyGlass found $109,000 in savings and we’re seeing the long-term results and savings.

James Haller

SVP, CFO, HealthCare Partners, IPA (now Optum)

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