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Giving back to the community is central to the non-profit industry — and technology services including wireless networks and internet systems are key for supporting the overall mission.

Many non-profits operate on limited budgets and also have limited staff who can only focus on so many things. To help organize and save on the wide range of technology services and dollars needed to serve its communities, SpyGlass collaborates with non-profit organizations to provide personalized telecom savings recommendations that balance both priorities. Through highly-personalized technology cost SnapShot Audits, SpyGlass guides non-profit organizations throughout the U.S. with industry-specific insight resulting in savings to build the future.

We serve 45 million people and are funded by Medicaid, Social Security and New York state, and it’s getting harder and harder to get the financial support. SpyGlass saved us $38,000 annually — in five years that’s $190,000.

Frank DeLucia

CFO, Independent Living Association

Their process and the people we worked with were top notch and it was nice to have someone you felt confident with. I give them an A+ on their diligence and doing the right thing. They saved us over $13,000 annually, really making a difference financially.

Malinda Oden

Director of Business Services, Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville

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