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School Systems

The adoption of educational technology, or ed tech, has become a priority to create more engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experiences.

Case in point: K-12 ed-tech spending is projected to grow vastly between 2022 and 2034, just as funding from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund is ending. With the future costs of ed tech unclear but essential, over 2,900 education clients collaborate with SpyGlass to boost their bottom line. From gaining in-depth analysis of tax and tariff codes, fees and surcharges, usage analysis, and contract compliance — personalized recommendations from a technology expense SnapShot Audit® equal sizeable savings for future ed tech investments for student success.

Prior to working with SpyGlass our telecommunication costs were about $1 million a year. They came into a perfect storm of telecom system billing issues and got through the morass to get us organized. I realized their detail-oriented approach to auditing our bills made the difference — once the dust settled our costs were cut in half.
California Schools Client

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

A SnapShot Audit is a low-risk item that’s a real win. It helped us understand our tech services, get our costs where they should be, and understand what opportunities we have to make changes.

Ric King

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Schaumburg School District 54, Schaumburg, Illinois

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