Unified communications is the operative phrase for today’s financial services industry.

From mobility services and video conferencing to VoIP and cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX), unified communications systems are key to moving the banking and financial industry forward in the new normal. Benefits including personalizing the client experience, documenting communications for compliance and improved communication for remote workers enforce the need to invest in telecommunications capabilities. SpyGlass supports over 1,000 financial service clients across the U.S. with valuable technology SnapShot Audits for annual savings opportunities, while ensuring technology investments provide the ultimate return.

"They went through our telecom bills and found unused lines we were paying on for years and years. SpyGlass saved us over $200,00 a year."

Angel Denis, EVP & CFO
South Jersey Federal Credit Union

"For us, the challenge with telecom expense is always lack of options. Our branches are in small rural communities and competition for phone and data services is non-existent. Working with SpyGlass helped us realize we were being over charged by several thousands of dollars per year, saving us over $23,000 annually."

Drew Wright, EVP/Compliance Officer
Timberline Federal Credit Union
Crossett, AR

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