In today’s remote learning environment, technology services are crucial for providing scalable bandwidth with lightning fast speed to support a school system’s success.

Yet, proactively budgeting for technology and communications expenses to ensure rigorous online learning can be challenging. SpyGlass works with over 2,000 education clients throughout the U.S. to provide in-depth analysis of tax and tariff codes, fees and surcharges, usage analysis and contract compliance — personalized recommendations from a comprehensive technology cost SnapShot Audit that equal sizeable savings to invest in a district’s future.

"Prior to working with SpyGlass our telecommunication costs were about $1 million a year. They came into a perfect storm of telecom system billing issues and got through the morass to get us organized. I realized their detail-oriented approach to auditing our bills made the difference — once the dust settled our costs were cut in half."

California Schools Client
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"They went through every circuit and ultimately found we were paying tariffs we should not have paid — literally thousands and thousands of dollars we paid in excess of what we had normally been paying. Fortunately, SpyGlass discovered all of the errors and got us on track."

Tim Atkinson, Director of Business Affairs
Olmsted Falls City Schools
Olmsted Falls, OH

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