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The SpyGlass Partner Network is your access to powerful technology expense management (TEM) cost reduction savings. Our technology expense auditing team uncovers cost inefficiencies buried in the cost center and impossible to identify without professional tools.

Fueled by our highly personalized technology expense SnapShot Audit, you are educated and empowered with innovative, industry-specific insight and valuable cost-saving recommendations across voice, data, internet, cloud services, SaaS license, and mobility.

As a part of the growing SpyGlass Partner Network of trade organizations and consulting and technology service firms, you will gain comprehensive benefits, including:

  • Training for partner teams to expertly recognize opportunities and reap the benefits from SpyGlass TEM services within their member, client, and prospective client relationships.
  • Success-based compensation sharing structures tailored to each partner’s core business model and mutually beneficial to both parties — with the added benefit of partners providing savings to their members and clients.
  • Flexible, seamless delivery system of proven SpyGlass TEM services within the framework of each partner’s member and client relationships.

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