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If traditional faxing is one of your preferred methods of communication, now is the time to think about electronic versions of this trusted technology. While this form of communication has withstood the test of time, it relies on plain old telephone services (POTS), resulting in astronomical price increases over the years as analog lines are phased out.

For instance, did you know the cost of a POTS line for faxing ranges from $50-$240 per month, while some carriers are increasing prices to more than $1,000 for a single line? Now imagine a scenario in which these lines aren’t properly inventoried or otherwise missed, resulting in hundreds if not thousands in costs for services that might not even be used or needed.

Many are pivoting to online faxing services, or fax apps to mitigate these costs, and need guidance on securing leading products in this area. But to do so, they rely on experts with SpyGlass’ SnapShot Audit technology to help identify the right tools for their analog exit strategy, saying goodbye to the reliance on POTS.

📠 Are you ready to transition to the future of faxing?

By investing in online faxing technology, businesses set themselves up to proactively move away from POTS-based fax messaging and its associated costs. However, the reason many continue to use facsimile machines to send documents is because the devices historically:

  1. Operate on an international technical standard, meaning that even with time, fax machines continue to work all over the globe, which is advantageous to businesses
  2. Are a reliable method to securely send messages
  3. Are regulation-compliant and provide a more secure method of transmitting documents compared to email, as the information is sent directly to the recipient’s fax machine

But that doesn’t mean electronic fax messaging does away with these benefits.

In fact, fax apps allow for a broad range of services including:

+ Email or a web-based interface

+ Digital signatures

+ Fax archiving

+ Ability to send and receive faxes via different devices (including smartphones, tablets, and computers)

Online faxing remains secure and also provides the added benefit of flexibility because they can be sent from anywhere, at any time.

💻 Real-life online fax cost savings

When a large insurance agency in New York underwent a SnapShot Audit with SpyGlass, the audit helped identify several opportunities to save costs on their faxing services. The audit revealed the insurance agency had seven POTS lines and two primary rate interfaces (PRIs) dedicated solely to faxing. All lines were moved to online faxing, resulting in a 50% reduction in fax-related costs, saving thousands.

“With the saving of these funds used on traditional faxing, and transitioning to online faxing allowed us to open a portion of our future budget that we were able to reallocate funds to updating infrastructure,” said the office manager of this insurance agency. “SpyGlass is worth it for the sheer cost savings and data streamlining (so you can) analyze what you really have.”

Let’s evaluate your POTS spend and move your fax services online for big savings.

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