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As businesses continue to navigate an uncertain economic environment, companies are facing a technology expense trifecta:

  • Tightening IT budgets
  • Lower headcounts
  • Increased tech needs for a growing remote workforce

Managing these challenges, while maintaining expected service levels, can feel overwhelming. But understanding your tech landscape and its expenses actually creates opportunities for your business — even when facing a recession.

Accessing a proven Technology Expense Management (TEM) audit can help alleviate hurdles by providing insight across departments, creating more transparency. See how one organization accessed a SnapShot Audit to simplify and save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

💶 Optimize tech expenses for the bottom line

By accessing proprietary data from its expense insight index, SpyGlass customers benefit from a resource center of pricing, services, and vendors based on historical data from real customers.

To understand the power of a SnapShot Audit, take a look at the results a customer with 15 locations throughout the U.S. and Mexico realized across its complex company-wide technology service structure, including:

  • Streamlined local/data environment = $20k+ savings annually
  • Mobility usage and account analysis to optimize plan structure and pricing plan = $16k+ annually
  • Removed unused mobility features on numerous devices = $2,700+ annually
  • Total annual savings = $35k+

As organizations across all industries initiate forward-looking strategies, it’s vital to put a TEM audit on the calendar to manage tech service costs to not only withstand unfavorable economic conditions — but come out thriving.

The time is now to gain valuable tech service cost clarity from SpyGlass and prepare for whatever the future brings.