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Quick — can you answer these critical mobility cost management questions:👇

  • How many mobile devices does your company pay for?
  • How many mobile devices are not being used but still costing you money?
  • Does your wireless network data plan fit your needs?
  • Are your employees complying with company policies when using mobile devices?

Technology’s rapid advancement and the increasing reliance on mobile devices is an essential part of running any business but without effective mobility management, waste can creep in and cost you money.

That’s why more than 13,000 clients, in industries ranging from insurance to retail to transportation, have taken advantage of our powerful technology expense management (TEM) SnapShot Audit to eliminate unnecessary tech costs and help streamline their technology service budget. And our audits have proven results.

Mobility Mission Critical the SpyGlass Way

At SpyGlass, we start with examining technology critical to any organization: mobile devices. Our SnapShot Audit is the first step to tracking device usage, managing data plans, and ensuring compliance with company policies because we know managing your enterprise’s mobile devices is essential to optimizing your budget.

SpyGlass delivers visibility with tools to examine and evaluate your mobile fleet to provide recommendations to save you money. We even use our expertise on your behalf to work directly with the telecom providers to get the best data plans in place.

Our process is simple and personalized. From our kickoff meeting through the implementation of savings opportunities, we collaborate with you to:

📲 Uncover unused and excessive devices (basic phones, smartphones, wearables, data devices, and beyond)

📲 Identify excessive features hidden in the bill. These features are often promotional offerings for a set period of time when ordering a new device. If they are not proactively removed, the charges begin after the promotion expires. Many times, our clients aren’t even aware they have these features on their devices.

📲 Provide plan optimization recommendations: Based on our clients’ typical usage, we recommend plan designs that best fit their organizational needs.

The results can be significant:

  • A glance at 3,270 SnapShot Audit customers shows they benefited from a 26% average savings on their wireless spending.
  • We identify wireless network cost-saving opportunities in more than half of our audits.  

The SpyGlass wireless team is truly an expert in all things mobility.

“We look to cut the fat and solidify the environment before working with providers to optimize mobility spend,” explains SpyGlass Vice President of Implementation and Project Management, Mike Farrell. “With their vast knowledge of account platforms and specific mobility contracts, our team can pinpoint the specific plans that are best for our clients.”

Besides the cost savings, there can be other long-term benefits to your business:

  • We ensure every implemented plan recommendation aligns with your future needs and vision.
  • We educate you on industry trends and what to look out for to avoid future waste.

And here’s one of the best parts: You won’t pay us until we find savings for you – which we do 90% of the time.