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SpyGlass SnapShot Audit

Your Proven Technology Expense Management Solution

Managing technology expenses in today’s evolving tech era has never been more important.

Our SnapShot Audit is an industry-leading telecom and technology expense management (TEM) solution to analyze, control and reduce your technology spend. By questioning the technology cost status quo, over 13,000 clients throughout the U.S. and Canada gain long-term savings across tech service costs — including voice, data, internet, cloud services, SaaS license and mobility.

Empower Your Technology Expense Savings with SnapShot Audit

How Our SnapShot Audit Works

Simple. Stress Free.
Our SnapShot Audit TEM Process.


Contact SpyGlass to start your technology expense SnapShot Audit.


Submit two months of your most recent bills. We make starting an audit and submitting materials simple with our electronic process.


Meet with us to review your SnapShot Audit results and learn about your savings opportunities.


Collaborate with SpyGlass to determine which personalized savings recommendations make sense for your business.


Pay only for the implemented and verified savings SpyGlass discovers for your company.

You might be thinking…

My IT staff doesn’t have time for one more project.

You’re right, they’re busy. With everything your IT staff is responsible for, it’s difficult to review detailed billing records each month. And that’s why we’re here.

SpyGlass works behind the scenes to find ways to save you money without disrupting your workflow. All you have to do is decide which of our personalized savings recommendations you want us to implement.

I don’t need a technology expense audit.

Technology expense bill auditing is most likely a low priority for you and your IT department. But do either of you really have an in-depth understanding of complex tax and tariff codes, fees and surcharges, usage analysis, or how to check contract compliance?

We do. And it’s our job to make sure you only pay for the technology services you need.

How fast will I see my return on investment? 

Our compensation is success-based, so you only pay if we save you money. There are no up-front costs and you will always be in control of what’s implemented. 

After we implement the savings recommendations you select, you pay us a portion of what we’ve saved you while being guaranteed to recoup our fee in one year or less. It’s that simple.

More questions? 
We’re ready and waiting to help you start saving!