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A Simpler, More Effective

Technology Expense Management Solution for the Middle Market

After securing surprising savings from our SnapShot Audit, many clients ask the same question: “How do I keep my telecom and technology bills from getting out of control again?”

To answer, we offer SpyCare® — our exclusive technology expense management (TEM) solution for the middle market that combines cloud software, access to our experts and help desk, valuable market data and annual optimization in a single managed service.

Why is SpyCare perfect for the middle market?  Because it’s much easier to implement in your organization and can start preventing overspending in month one where other enterprise level, software-only solutions take months or years to add value.

SpyCare gives you the necessary tools for efficient, proactive technology expense decisions to protect initial savings while securing ongoing savings for your bottom line. For a small annual investment, SpyCare is your ounce of prevention to cure a pound of potential future technology expense problems.

SpyCare Total Control & Visibility TEM Tools

  • Proactive annual technology audit
  • Prevent recurring bill issues and identify erroneous charges
  • Account optimization to eliminate guesswork from overall spend
  • Cost and usage visibility dashboards
  • Actionable metrics include: trends, utilization, user behavior, and plan modification
  • Automated reporting
  • Proactive contract tracking and notification
  • Current market pricing for phone, data, cloud, and mobile services
  • Catalog of carrier pricing and technology
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to SpyGlass help desk for billing issues and more
  • Ongoing carrier conversations on your behalf