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Industry-leading technology expense management (TEM) provider continues to invest in strong partnerships and its growing partner community to provide proven technology cost reduction

CLEVELAND, OH – January 27, 2023  ̶  SpyGlass, an industry-leading provider of telecom and technology expense management (TEM) audits is proud to announce its unmatched Partner Network.

The network gives partners exclusive access to a powerful technology cost-reduction service that is easily added to any member benefits program for trade organizations or service portfolio for consulting or technology service firms looking to create incremental value for the organizations they serve.

Known for delivering superior technology expense management outcomes for over 20 years, SpyGlass has delivered exclusive savings opportunities through its industry-leading SnapShot Audit to 13,000+ clients across the U.S. and Canada. The Partner Network provides partners access to the industry’s proven technology cost-reduction service for superior outcomes and additional revenue streams.

“Our Partner Network is focused on advocating for and serving our partner organizations,” said Larry Seiler, Senior Vice President, Revenue of SpyGlass. “To do this, we connect partners with valuable business offerings and elevate revenue to support each partner’s resources. The power of the Partner Network is based on a simple idea: partners can achieve more by working together.”

The SpyGlass Partner Network continues to grow with partners including trade organizations and consulting and technology service firms. Partners gain benefits from their community, including:


      • Training for partner teams to expertly recognize opportunities and reap the benefits from SpyGlass TEM services within their member, client, and prospective client relationships.

      • Success-based compensation sharing structures tailored to each partner’s core business model and mutually beneficial to both parties — with the added benefit of partners providing savings to their members and clients.

      • Flexible, seamless delivery system of proven SpyGlass TEM services within the framework of each partner’s member and client relationships.

    “As our partner, we’ll empower you and your members and clients with technology cost expertise that fuels savings and additional revenue,” explained Seiler. “Our defined partnership model brings partners into a community that connects them and their member and client organizations with a unique opportunity to reduce network spend — shared goals for shared success.”

    To discuss a SpyGlass partnership opportunity and learn more about optimizing network spend, contact the SpyGlass team of TEM experts, 1.877.4.SPY.NOW.

    About SpyGlass

    SpyGlass is an industry leader in technology expense audits. Thousands of clients from a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada trust our risk-free technology expense audit and SpyCare® managed service to review and optimize their technology service billing. The SpyGlass team of technology expense experts provides invaluable industry-specific insight to avoid technology cost overcharges for today and tomorrow.

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