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Finance and Tech Leaders Reap Benefits with Smarter Tech Management

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, December 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ —

SpyGlass, a leading provider of telecom and technology expense management (TEM) audits and SaaS solutions, offers tailored FinOps (Financial Operations) solutions for technology and finance leaders. With businesses utilizing more cloud space than ever, visibility, overages, and excess spending on tech services can occur. SpyGlass winnows spending through granular cost analytics and strategic pricing decisions to align to business goals.

FinOps focuses on practices that optimize cross-collaborative efforts to control cloud costs, drive profitability and simplify and streamline technology spending. With the complexity of cloud pricing models and lack of tools to optimize costs, 82% of those who manage cloud computing efforts experience significant challenges in understanding, controlling, and managing these costs to drive profit. SpyGlass has been driving cultural change in controlling cloud spending for over 20 years.

“Cloud expenses have become a significant and growing portion of an organization’s IT budget,” said Larry Seiler, Senior Vice President of Revenue at SpyGlass. “As spending grows, visibility into those expenses cross-departmentally declines. Bills get paid without identifying inefficiencies, areas of overspend, and without tie-in to corporate goals.

“We partner with companies as FinOps specialists to inform strategic decisions across the entire IT budget: resource allocation, pricing, and smart budgeting and forecasting for cloud spending,” Seiler stated.

“Cloud computing isn’t new, and most of our clients have embraced its advantages by migrating and optimizing their environments. However, the challenge now lies in effectively managing multiple cloud expenses,” said Steve Fisher, Vice President of Strategic Services at SpyGlass. “Identifying inefficiencies requires visualization and automation expertise. That’s where we come in.”

Technology expense management is crucial for understanding and optimizing cloud spending. SpyGlass drives innovative solutions to business technology costs via its proprietary SnapShot Audit®, blending analytics, automation, visualization, and sophisticated software to deliver risk-free tech expense savings recommendations. Our exclusive ongoing TEM solution, SpyCare®, combines cloud software, access to our experts and help desk, valuable market data, and annual optimization in a single managed service.

About SpyGlass

SpyGlass is one of the technology expense management (TEM) industry’s leading service providers of technology expense audits and SaaS services. Thousands of clients from a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada trust our risk-free technology expense SnapShot Audit and SpyCare managed service to review and optimize their technology service billing. The SpyGlass team of technology expense experts provides invaluable industry-specific insight to avoid technology cost overcharges for today and tomorrow.

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