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Chief Financial Officer Lauren Wobby of Norwich University in Burlington, Vermont has a question for you: If you passed a $10 bill on the ground, would you pick it up? 

The answer is a no-brainer, and that’s how she feels about the technology service savings SpyGlass presented Norwich University: Annual savings that equaled $40,000.

But, this isn’t a rare story for SpyGlass. In fact, the industry-leading technology expense management (TEM) company finds telecom savings in 99% of its SnapShot Audit engagements — over 14,000 audits throughout a wide variety of industries for 20+ years.

🎉 New Year Savings Step #1: Delegate for tech service cost clarity

Like many universities, Norwich’s IT department is focused on essential technology services — especially for ongoing remote learning. But Wobby admits even with all of her staff’s best intentions, there was a chance they overlooked potential areas to save. To find out, she delegated the telecom billing review to SpyGlass.

After submitting the basic required materials to get a SnapShot Audit started, SpyGlass reported a wide variety of technology service savings recommendations to Wobby and her staff. The biggest finding: old voice services that were still being billed even after a system upgrade had been completed; an added cost of over $3,200 each month.

“SpyGlass found areas we could improve on the most pedestrian kind of activity, like paying for phone lines that weren’t connected,” states Wobby. “Delegating the audit to them was a no-lose proposition.”

🎉 New Year Savings Step #2: Take advantage of timing

As a recession is a more certain possibility, now is the time to organize and reset for success. Proactive technology service cost planning is one of the best opportunities to offset expenses if the timing is right. 

By starting a technology expense audit today, SpyGlass finds hidden savings and supports success for the year ahead. 

🎉 New Year Savings Step #3: Open your mind to savings opportunities

The necessity of technology due to cloud-based, on-demand platforms can make businesses doubt the ability to save on telecom. 

While lengthy and complicated technology service bills can make the most well-versed head spin, SpyGlass brings sanity through education and empowerment with industry-specific insight for the best savings opportunities. Case in point: SpyGlass clients saved $140 million+ in annual technology service costs over the last 20 years.