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3 Ways to Claim Overlooked Tech Expense Savings

Imagine saving over $10,000 annually on technology service expenses. Seem impossible? It did to Greene County, Pennsylvania Chief Financial Officer Scott Kelley — until he worked with SpyGlass.

As a 23-year veteran executing a wide range of technology service needs, Kelley believed his experience and the IT team’s efforts kept the county current, both from a technology and cost perspective. But, a comprehensive technology expense SnapShot Audit exposed telecom billing inaccuracies and service inefficiencies that proved thousands of dollars were needlessly being spent from the budget.

“I was surprised at some of the things they found. My IT director and I were monitoring many of the services, but the amount of time it took probably put us over the edge,” explained Kelley. “SpyGlass really made the difference for us.”

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Here are the top three ways to claim your overlooked tech service savings today:

1. Act now.

If you don’t have the time and resources to thoroughly decipher lengthy and complicated technology service bills, you may keep holding off on the tedious task. And this is exactly what your telecom provider is hoping for.

Telecom contract complexity is the norm and some agreement cost changes may be more obvious than others. But, there are some common occurrences that increase costs under your nose, making a SnapShot Audit a proactive move to correct errors in your favor, including:

  • Additional services added to an account, but not included under the original contract.
  • Contract terms never applied to an account. While the contract may have been agreed upon and signed, the rates were never updated in the billing system.
  • Improperly calculated fees, surcharges and taxes, including incorrectly applied tax-exempt status.
  • Applied overage charges or minimum usage charges.
  • A service that never has a contract to begin with, with rates subject to change at any time.

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2. Clean your tech up.

Over $6,000 of Greene County’s annual savings discovered from the SnapShot Audit came from cleaning up its wireless service landscape. After identifying excessive wireless pricing and unused wireless devices, SpyGlass technology expense experts fine-tuned the county’s telecom plans to better scale its two accounts for future savings.

As part of every completed SnapShot Audit, SpyGlass is committed to ensuring each client’s telecom expense landscape is properly scaled for the future, while safeguarding against incurring overage charges. To empower your technology service budget knowledge for 2021, SpyGlass provides:

  • Full network communications line item visibility
  • Recovery of technology expense dollars paid in error
  • Reduced spending to start saving now
  • A clear financial blueprint of the telecom cost center

3. Boost your IT team…and the IT budget.

You may have some IT staff dedicated to managing telecom expenses, but they can often be overstretched and don’t always have the expertise to find technology expense contract changes. With the lack of budget and resources a major concern for both IT staff and decision makers, why not take the step to boost the budget for valuable training and technology — and ease the strain on your IT staff?

Throughout the last seven years, SpyGlass has found savings in 99% of its engagements, with the average annual savings potential totaling over $30,000. To help claim a piece of the IT budget pie and provide some calm for overwhelmed IT teams, a SnapShot Audit is your resource to:

  • Gauge changing provider plans, pricing, technology and promotions
  • Determine if you’re mid-contract with telecom vendors
  • Look out for looming auto-renew terms

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