CSBA Members: Act Fast to Rescue Your Tech Expense Budget TODAY

How to Build Your Tech Budget Lifeboat for Student Success

Being accurate and efficient are cornerstones for education success, especially in the remote learning environment. While California School Boards Association members are charged with accountability on both fronts, internet connectivity and adequate devices are now necessary tools for successful follow-through.

But with a full-throttle focus on education, how can you be sure technology service billings are as accurate and efficient as your teaching plans? To help, CSBA trusted Business Affiliate SpyGlass is here to help you take charge of tech expenses today for future student success.

Take advantage of three ways a personalized technology expense SnapShot Audit can build your telecom services budget lifeboat today:

1. Get credit where credit is due
It’s estimated the pandemic’s financial costs to public schools is between $199 billion and $246 billion, enforcing the fact every penny counts. And a potentially big drain of funds is unknown cost changes within your technology service expenses.

From additional services not included in the original contract, to fees, surcharges and incorrectly applied tax-exempt status, the window of overcharge opportunities is open for telecom providers.

But, you actually have the potential to recover technology expense dollars paid in error. By combing through your bills, contracts, usage reports and customer service records, SpyGlass is dedicated to finding errors, overcharges and inefficiencies to get back the money your district deserves.

Did you know?
SpyGlass averaged over $3,800 in retroactive telecom service credits
to CSBA members that implemented SnapShot Audit recommendations in 2020.

Act now to get the credit you’re due!

2. Empower your technology service cost knowledge
It’s a fact: CSBA members who worked with SpyGlass in 2020 spent over $5 million in technology service costs. Fortunately, SpyGlass found potential savings for 100% of the districts it collaborated with this year.

Deemed the ultimate path to power, education is the best proactive move for districts to be informed and prepared for technology service spending savvy. With each Snapshot Audit, SpyGlass technology expense experts provide:
• Full network communications line item visibility
• Reduced spending opportunities with valuable cost saving recommendations to start saving now for the future
• A clear financial blueprint of the telecom cost center

Increase your tech service spending knowledge to start saving today!

Start your SnapShot Audit.

3. Take good advice
It’s been said advice is only as good as the actions it inspires you to take. A SnapShot Audit is known for providing the best technology expense advice to help districts save today and navigate future technology expense management. With a 100% success-based fee structure guaranteeing fast ROI, there’s no obligation to move forward with any of the savings recommendations. If SpyGlass doesn’t find a way to save your district money or it’s decided to not take the steps toward savings, districts don’t pay.

But, for CSBA members who took SnapShot Audit recommendations in 2020, the good advice taken averaged over $15,000 in annual realized savings. Now, that’s some good advice!

Get our CSBA-specific insight today for valuable cost tech service savings recommendations.

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