Get Inside Insight: How to Tame Telecom Costs in COVID Era Times

Texas-Sized Telecom Bills? Top 3 Tips Help Tame Costs

Everything is bigger in Texas and this couldn’t be truer for the City of Johnson County’s technology network service bills. Yet, with the tall order of providing comprehensive service to all county departments and protecting the interests of its taxpayers, purchasing agent Ralph McBroom, CPM admits reviewing telecom costs was often put on the back burner.

“One of my biggest concerns are telecom bills,” states McBroom. “But we don’t have the expertise or time to thoroughly check what we’re being billed for.”

With limited resources to review the city’s Texas-sized telecom bills, McBroom turned to SpyGlass for help in taming the growing technology expenses. Known for finding errors and inefficiencies in 90% of engagements, McBroom was still surprised by what the technology expense management experts found.

“In addition to incorrect billings, our first SpyGlass SnapShot Audit uncovered expired telecom contracts where the provider continued to automatically raise and charge their prices — we had no idea it was happening,” he explains. “Their expertise and follow-up on every detail found us over $90,000 in annual savings.”

Top telecom expense taming tips you should know:

#1: Don’t let data circuit pricing become dated

Technology changes rapidly and internet connectivity and pricing changes even faster. To help obtain the most aggressive dedicated internet pricing plan for Johnson County based on their bandwidth needs, SpyGlass performed a personalized, thorough analysis and renewed negotiated data circuit pricing with their provider. The result? Over $41,000 in savings.

“Our provider was billing as much as they possibly could and we weren’t equipped to catch it,” explained McBroom.

Think a telecom audit is stressful? Think again.

Here’s how the City of Johnson County began its simple, stress-free technology cost audit with SpyGlass.

#2: POTS can be pricey

Even in the digital age, traditional plain old telephone service (POTS) lines remain a reliable standby. While businesses are transitioning to VoIP services, many still use POTS lines for essential services like voice, fax or alarm services. But carriers are pricing POTS out of the market to free up resources and infrastructure to prioritize new technology. In addition, maintaining POTS lines and paying for the additional fees and surcharges associated with them can cost a business more than they realize.

“SpyGlass found we had lines in service we weren’t utilizing, but were still getting billed for,” shared McBroom. “These unused lines cost us over $8,000 every year. The thorough work by SpyGlass experts and their ability to renegotiate with our providers for a better deal led us to have them back recently for a second audit.”

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#3: Review your remote connections

The COVID-19 crisis is known for many things, but for all types of businesses the pandemic means transitioning to remote working environments. Companies of all sizes, in every industry can benefit from reviewing current internet and data transport connections vital for staff working from home. Case in point: A SpyGlass audit of Johnson County’s broad internet and data transport circuit picture added over $8,000 in annual savings to its bottom line.

“Anybody that doesn’t have the expertise to review their telecom invoices are susceptible to over billings,” stated McBroom.

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