How to Manage Internet Costs During Rising Demand

Get a SnapShot into Post-Coronavirus Internet Costs

Just a year ago, 90% of those in the United States reported using the Internet at least occasionally. Now, in a post-coronavirus work environment of encouraged — or required — telework, this statistic is increasing with the world wide web serving as an essential life line. But with the increased demand for connectivity, who’s managing your Internet costs?

The answer to this question couldn’t be more important for Frank De Lucia, Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Executive Director of Independent Living Association (ILA) in Brooklyn, New York. Serving 45 million developmentally disabled adults in group homes, ILA’s dependence on the Internet grew with the expansion and relocation of new facilities — and so did unclear telecom service costs.

“As a non-profit, it’s getting harder to secure much-needed federal and state funding,” explained De Lucia. “Fortunately, SpyGlass found us, and in turn, found $37,000 of telecom expense savings a year — savings that add up to $190,000 over five years. That’s a lot of money for us.”

How to gain the technology expense savings advantage

While De Lucia admits he hadn’t heard of SpyGlass until they called, he credits the technology expense management firm with providing invaluable telecom savings insight. As SpyGlass worked behind the scenes in coordination with his telecom providers to find the savings he needed, ILA reaped the benefits. Here’s how:

    1. Question the technology expense status quo

De Lucia’s story of unknown technology expense savings isn’t unusual — in fact, most businesses aren’t closely watching their telecom costs, and many struggle to rein in their telecom and public cloud service spend. While ILA had tried other telecom cost-saving initiatives, a clear direction was missing until SpyGlass offered a personalized technology cost audit.

“We were willing to listen to the suggestions SpyGlass made because if they don’t save you anything, they don’t charge you anything — it’s an absolute no brainer,” De Lucia explained. “And they really made it simple without taking a lot of my time.”

Here’s how De Lucia began ILA’s simple, stress-free technology cost audit with SpyGlass.

    2. Learn how to spot technology service savings

Just as ILA focuses on delivering high quality person-centered services, companies across the country are focused on maximizing day-to-day operations. With “business as usual” becoming more difficult amid post-coronavirus concerns, finding the time to review technology service costs is even harder. And telecom providers know it’s difficult to decipher lengthy and complicated technology service bills.

“We tried to keep our telecom costs pretty low, but SpyGlass showed us ways we could cut the costs further on both Internet and cell phone expenses without the extra work — they were watching out for us,” said De Lucia.

Find out how easy it is to start saving with a SpyGlass SnapShot Audit.

    3.  See the technology expense forest through the trees

Across voice, data, Internet, cloud services and mobility, there are a lot of trees that make up the vast technology service forest. While ILA’s expenses were primarily from the Internet and mobility, De Lucia didn’t have a true overview of how much the services cost.

“SpyGlass was able to tell me what we were really spending — and where we could save,” he said. “They gave me personalized, specific savings recommendations we gladly took.”

As a dedicated ILA leader for over 34 years, De Lucia is grateful for the extra $37,000 savings per year — $19,000 of which was spent annually on the Internet. “This equates to one full time employee, including fringe benefits,” he said.

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