How to Tap Into Your Personal COVID Era Telecom Savings Voice

Get Back Wasted Time & Strengthen Your Technology Expense Voice

Time is precious, and even more valuable when waiting on hold for a telecom provider to answer technology service questions. While customer satisfaction is generally not something the telecommunications industry is known for, it’s becoming increasingly important as customer expectations are rising due to the pandemic’s paradigm shift.

Unfortunately, the reality is the telecom customer often isn’t a priority. In fact, a recent survey reports it’s typical to be on hold with provider customer service for hours only to be transferred to dead extensions — leaving technology expense questions unanswered.

But even before the pandemic, getting answers from providers was challenging for those managing telecom costs. This was all too true for accounting manager Ty McCutcheon of DeSoto Parish Schools in Mansfield, Louisiana. In addition to overseeing finances for the system’s 10 schools serving over 5,000 students, McCutcheon manages the broad technology services DeSoto Parish relies on.

“We have multiple locations and each has numerous phone lines, but I can’t spend hours trying to find the best rates from our provider who was impossible to get on the phone,” explains McCutcheon.

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Stop wasting time

While competition is at an all-time high among telecommunication service providers, the customer’s voice often gets lost. When asked why customers canceled their telecom contracts, the resounding reason was service providers wasted their time. Between waiting too long to resolve an issue or having to call back the carrier numerous times to connect, the primary missing link is quality customer service.

Wasted time managing wireless carrier issues is also an ongoing problem for small businesses, according to a recent J.D Power report. The findings show large enterprise customers increased their satisfaction by 29 points with wireless carrier customer service from 2017 to 2019. On the flip side, small businesses satisfaction with customer service is up just 9 points in the same period. Overall, the wireless customer satisfaction score for small/medium businesses is down 14 points from 2018.

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Like many, McCutcheon admits he doesn’t have the manpower at DeSoto Parish to control and communicate questions regarding ongoing technology expense details. To start regaining wasted time and lost savings, McCutcheon did what any good manager does: delegate. The result? A total of $53,000 annually from a SpyGlass SnapShot Audit.

But saving on technology expenses is never a one and done, especially in the COVID era. To keep ahead of telecom expenses, McCutcheon relies on the dedicated technology expense management voice of SpyCare to communicate with the district’s carriers. As a central point of contact, SpyCare’s DedicatedSupport’s help desk saves time by proactively monitoring each client’s technology environment — in addition to handling ongoing carrier conversations.

“By outsourcing our telecom expense picture to the experts frees me up to do my job,” states McCutcheon. “They have provider contacts and the ability to get through the logistics to make it easier for me. The SpyCare service has added $3,700 in annual savings so far.”

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