How to Organize & Thrive: Expand Your Technology Expense Expertise

Take Inventory of Technology Costs for Education Success

Organization is the key to successful education for both teachers and their students. Yet distance learning has redefined how each day is structured, with devices and connectivity essential lifelines for today’s new normal.

As educators create fresh organizational systems for positive and engaging lessons from a far, another inventory will also now need attention: the technology expense accounts required to shape student learning. From voice and Internet to mobility and cloud services, budgeting for telecom costs is now a necessity.

But, with the added challenges to organize — and improve — the school day under a California education budget not seen since the Great Recession, who’s watching out for a school district’s best technology spend interest?

To provide telecom spend clarity for savings, members of the California School Boards Association turn to a trusted Business Affiliate, SpyGlass. Known for its comprehensive technology expense SnapShot Audit, here are some of the top technology inventory items SpyGlass helps school districts organize to thrive and prosper for the future:

Inventory Item #1: Wireless Cost Accountability

Among CSBA members who had SpyGlass review wireless accounts throughout the last year, the districts typically spent over $1400 a month. With each district using an average of 52 devices, increased device need and costs due to distance learning are on the horizon. To help get organized and telecom cost savvy for the future, a SnapShot Audit identifies all dormant lines and unnecessary service features and optimizes overall spending. Once recommendations are approved by the district, SpyGlass moves forward to eliminate waste by placing remaining devices under new rate plans by collaborating with its providers. The end result? Removing unneeded lines and features produces roughly the same savings as rate plan restructuring.

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Inventory Item #2: Keep Your Cloud from Raining Costs

Since COVID-19, distance learning has been empowered with cloud computing as an alternative to in-person education. There’s no doubt cloud computing technology provides a number of core benefits, including accessibility to video streams and downloadable learning materials and whiteboards. But with millions of schools embarking on cloud teaching, the influx of network traffic and server load created by multiple simultaneous connections from students’ devices to the learning material is leading to a forecast of rapid growth in monthly spend and waste on public cloud bills.

Getting to know the parallel challenges between telecom expense management and managing cloud expenses is essential for overall savings. From billing based on usage, frequent billing errors or contract disputes, high-potential for over-charging or runaway spending, and the risk of having unused or underutilized assets or cloud resources, there is potential for wasted spend — and for cloud cost optimization.

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Inventory Item #3: Prepare for Paybacks

While the California Legislature passed a state budget allowing K-12 schools to spend at the same level in 2020-21 as this year, the catch is that spending won’t equate funding. To help prepare for deferrals — or late payments — planned to arrive in the 2021-22 school year, districts are looking for ways to increase technology expense acumen for future savings.

With the reality that it’s hard to commit time and resources from internal staff to decipher lengthy, complicated telecom bills, SpyGlass provides proactive steps to stay ahead of paybacks. After a thorough review across voice, data, Internet, cloud services and mobility, SpyGlass provides big-picture savings recommendations — all without disrupting a school district’s day-to-day workflow.

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