Keep Your Technology Expenses in Top Shape

How Our Industry-Leading Solutions Boost Your Technology Expense Health

Just like reaching your ultimate diet goal, cutting the fat from your technology expenses can be empowering. To keep telecom spend on the healthy track after a cost-savings SpyGlass SnapShot Audit, SpyCare customers are given the focus to proactively prevent future technology expenses from getting out of shape.

Miles Bell, CFO at Clay Ingels knows how good it feels to keep his technology expenses in top form. After starting his role a few years ago for the 100-year-old quality building products supplier in Lexington, Kentucky, Bell immediately saw the company was challenged by its telecom costs. With over 40 cell phones and multiple tablets, on top of a large landline network, it was clear their technology expense budget was out of balance.

“Nine out of 10 small businesses really don’t have somebody looking after technology expense spend,” stated Bell. “Just a year after our initial savings were discovered through a SnapShot Audit, we struggled to keep our cell phone costs in a manageable position on our own.”

Like most businesses, numerous Clay Ingels employees have access to the cell accounts, making on-going, consistent monitoring time consuming and confusing. To simplify and keep on saving, Bell turned back to SpyGlass.

SpyCare: Your virtual technology expense management trainer

For Bell, the answers to keep his ongoing wireless costs in shape are provided to him through SpyCare. An exclusive SpyGlass technology expense management solution for the middle market, SpyCare has become invaluable for Bell to gain control over his technology expenses.

“For the small annual SpyCare fee — and the amount of money we save with almost no work on our end — it’s very much worth it,” states Bell. “It’s just one less thing to worry about.”

Find out how easy it is to access SpyCare’s tools for efficient, proactive technology expense decisions.

Here are some of the top ways SpyCare helps Clay Ingels, and how the exclusive technology expense management solution can keep your technology expenses in shape:

    1. Streamlined Accounts

SpyCare promotes ongoing P&L visibility by creating a consolidated view of your recurring spend across all telecom accounts. In addition, dedicated SpyCare experts help Bell overcome vague billing and technical jargon to prevent waste in Clay Ingels technology expense budget.

“Unless you have someone on staff who is extremely knowledgeable about wireless bills for dozens of phones and can dedicate 100% of their time to constantly stay on top of it, it’s not worth it when you’ve got a solution like SpyCare,” says Bell.

    2. Benchmark Pricing

Keeping the fourth-generation family owned business Clay Ingels as a top supplier for the construction industry’s needs is the primary focus for Bell’s role as its CFO. To help him succeed, SpyCare provides insight into his current telecom program and how it stacks up within Clay Ingels’ industry and location by service type.

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    3. Dedicated Account Manager

With SpyCare’s DedicatedSupport, clients can access the SpyGlass help desk for billing issues and more. In addition to being provided a Dedicated Account Manager who proactively monitors your technology environment, the central point of contact streamlines communications and avoids coordinating meetings across departments.

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    4. Carrier API for Mobility

SpyCare helps identify your mobility program overspend based on line utilization with MobilityCare dashboards. Through customized email reports, you’ll be on top of your plans, features, usage, and overall spend, including taxes, fees and surcharges.

“I get a nice report every month I can review in five minutes rather than having to dig through a 40-page cell phone bill,” Bell states. “As a result, we’ve already lowered our monthly mobility spend by $400.”

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