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Keep Your Technology Expenses in Top Shape

How Our Industry-Leading Solutions Boost Your Technology Expense Health

Just like reaching your ultimate diet goal, cutting the fat from your technology expenses can be empowering. To keep telecom spend on the healthy track after a cost-savings SpyGlass SnapShot Audit, SpyCare customers are given the focus to proactively prevent future technology expenses from getting out of shape.

How to Manage Internet Costs During Rising Demand

Get a SnapShot into Post-Coronavirus Internet Costs

Just a year ago, 90% of those in the United States reported using the Internet at least occasionally. Now, in a post-coronavirus work environment of encouraged — or required — telework, this statistic is increasing with the world wide web serving as an essential life line. But with the increased demand for connectivity, who’s managing your Internet costs?

Converting Coronavirus Era Telecom Costs Into Student Support

Top Tips to Simplify Technology Expenses and Save for the Future

It’s a fact: the coronavirus era has imposed an increased demand for connectivity — and this couldn’t be truer for those advancing the education and well-being of California’s students. As home to more than 6 million school-age children, technology is paramount to advocate and grow. But with a decreasing state budget preparing school districts to do more with less, how can you make sure you’re managing technology costs to benefit the students who rely on you?

Simple, Stress-Free Technology Cost Audits