Secure 4 Steps for Proactive Tech Cost Control

Technology Expense Shifts Demand Steps for Oversight

It’s been said “the only constant in life is change.” For the IT professional managing technology expenses, this statement couldn’t be truer.

From voice, internet and mobility expenses, the struggle to gain control of telecom costs is real. And this reality has intensified as the coronavirus era calls for constant adaptability due to shifts in the cloud, unexpected shadow IT and remote worker demands.

Fortunately, Spencer’s TV & Appliance took steps long before COVID-19 to ensure they could navigate future telecom costs. Since 1973, Spencer’s has grown to one of the larger TV and appliance retailers in the U.S., making its technology expense landscape vast.

“I thought I cleaned up our network, but a SpyGlass SnapShot Audit proved I missed a lot, including contracts and excessive duplicated data connections we were still paying on,” stated Matt Kellso, Spencer’s former IT director. “As a result, they saved us over $127,000 annually.”

Spencer’s proactive steps didn’t stop after the initial audit. To control future costs, Kellso turned to SpyCare — a low-cost preventative maintenance managed service offered exclusively from SpyGlass.

“SpyCare became invaluable for keeping our network infrastructure in check — especially when our new IT director came on board,” Kellso explained. “The transition was so much easier to be able to see everything with one quick log in.”

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SpyCare keeps technology spend in check with four steps:

Step #1: Ongoing Technology Expense HealthChecks
When Spencer’s began working with SpyGlass its MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) network was moved to a combination of fiber data connections and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)/PRI (primary rate interface) combinations. In addition to recommending what services should be removed during the switch, SpyGlass removed erroneous charges from a previous provider and managed a seamless transition to a better option. From there, SpyCare’s ongoing HealthCheck ensures proactive annual technology audits to prevent recurring billing issues.

“SpyCare has the ability to show us where our contracts are, who our contracts are with, and what services I have with certain providers,” stated Kellso.

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Step #2: Instantaneous MobilityCare

Wireless is today’s lifeline both personally and professionally, with a 2019 Pew Research Center survey reporting 37% of U.S. adults mostly used a smartphone when accessing the internet. To manage the broad mobile use across business, SpyCare offers MobilityCare for transparency through cost and usage visibility dashboards — instantaneous answers with actionable metrics.

Step #3: Invaluable InSights

“Nightmare” is the word Kellso used to describe deciphering the costs within telecom bills. With SpyCare’s InSights service, clients are offered proactive contract tracing and notification. Added insight includes current market technology service pricing and catalog of carrier pricing and technology.

“SpyGlass translates bills to help us understand what the services are and the best price out there,” Kellso said.

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Step #4: DedicatedSupport for You

Your telecom provider’s language can seem foreign. After SpyGlass translated the technology expense linguistics of Spencer’s carriers, SpyCare continues to support communications with a dedicated account manager who is always on call to assist with any issues related to a client’s technology environment — promoting optimal savings going forward.

“Having SpyCare working with our carriers and monitoring any billing issues is very helpful,” said Kellso. “They make sure things are taken care of.”

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