Technology Billing Requirements to Begin Your Audit

  • Billing from the most recent two-month period for all services, at all locations.

    • Local voice services
    • Long distance voice services
    • Data/Internet services
    • Cloud services
    • Mobility

    IMPORTANT: Include all pages, front and back, including all billing detail pages. As an alternative to paper or PDF copies of bills, access to your account on the provider billing portal is acceptable.

  • Corresponding contracts that apply to the above services.

  • One signed Letter of Agency (LOA).

    What is the Letter of Agency?

    An LOA is a one-page document, which authorizes SpyGlass to gather the information we need from your providers to perform the audit. We’ll provide a general LOA for you to print on your letterhead and sign. We may also provide certain carrier-specific LOAs that are required in certain circumstances. Either way, the templates will be provided by us to you.

  • Listing of all company locations with addresses and an estimated number of employees at each location.

  • A copy of your internal phone directory, if you have one.

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Ready to Start Saving?

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