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Technology Changes Without Promised Savings?

Hidden costs of technology migrations or upgrades

Your phone and/or data network is struggling to support business operations and it’s not scalable for growth.  Now what?  This can be a difficult question to answer especially in today’s tech driven marketplace.

Traditional services that once ruled the business world are being replaced by faster and cheaper technologies.  We’ve all received proposals promising to increase our bandwidth, while reducing costs with little to no operational impact.  It’s a no brainer, right?

These technology changes can take many forms and here are just a few examples you’ve probably experienced:

  • Capital expenditures for new hardware/services
  • Moving service providers
  • Increasing bandwidth
  • Migrating to new technologies

New technology trends and traps

No matter whether it was moving to T1s in the 90’s, VOIP in the 2000’s, or the cloud in recent years, there is common trend: new technology implementations promise improved business efficiency with reduced costs.

Too often, however, this is only half true as the savings aren’t always realized.  So, what happens to the savings? The old services never stop billing and costs actually increase.  Here are some scenarios we encounter as an independent telecom auditor that lead to this problem:

  • Transition period is lengthy with a lot of overcommunication
  • Unexpected delays cause missed deadlines and confusion
  • Service providers focus on the new service, not the old, especially when migrating to a new provider
  • IT professionals are network experts, but rarely are billing experts
  • In general, service providers are difficult to work with

Uncovering unused services and hidden fees

If this sounds all too familiar… you’re not alone.  We’ve worked with thousands of clients in North America and it’s more common than you would think.  During upgrades, it’s a primary focus to get your business transitioned smoothly to these new technologies without gaps in service and productivity. Worrying about the old service and billing naturally falls secondary and it may never get addressed.

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