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What is TEM?

Not too long ago, TEM simply stood for Telecom Expense Management. As the telecommunications network landscape has evolved to include voice, data, internet, cloud services, and mobility, TEM now commonly refers to Technology Expense Management.

With every industry managing new costs in the tech era, TEM has never been more important to help you understand and optimize your technology environment.

From usage to spend, SpyGlass SnapShot Audit  helps challenge the technology cost status quo by:

  • Building real-time IT inventory
  • Gathering bills and identifying overcharges
  • Searching for technology contract violations
  • Optimizing your telecom environment for savings
  • Negotiating with technology service vendors for improved contracts

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The SpyGlass Technology Expense Management Process

Standout TEM solutions deliver results through sophisticated technologies paired with hands-on customer service. The SpyGlass technology expense specialists pair proprietary technology spend analytics and sophisticated software with hands-on, human analysis to help our clients manage their technology service expenses.

A personalized SnapShot Audit and our team of audit and project management experts utilize an efficient and proven TEM process. This process is organized in our proprietary TEM software (shown below), which drives optimization of your technology service expenses, keeps audit projects on track for efficient completion, and utilizes industry benchmarking from our insights database to show how you are doing in relation to your peers. From our kickoff meeting with a client through the completion of the implementation of the savings opportunities, SpyGlass provides each client live updates through a personalized portal to track project and savings progress.

Top 3 SnapShot Audit Technology Expense Management Benefits


  1. Control Telecom Costs
    • Identify significant savings
    • Eliminate fraud and unauthorized charges
    • Identify billing errors and recover funds
    1. Streamline IT and Finance Operations
      • Ease the administrative TEM-time burden to reallocate personnel talent for business needs
      • Simplify auditing, asset management and payment processes
      1. Reduce Risk
        • Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting
        • Assure business policies and regulatory compliance

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